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Seto [userpic]
sale post <3
by Seto (seto_maru)
at November 24th, 2010 (08:25 pm)

Hello. :D
I sell some stuff from my collection.

Photosets (Dboys, Tenimyu, Burimyu)
Artbooks, Pamphlets, Puristickers, Musicaldvd, Idoldvd and more :D

look here 

Thank you <3

♥ Kao-chan ♥ [userpic]
Water Request!
by ♥ Kao-chan ♥ (mukimpokun)
at November 10th, 2007 (10:02 pm)

I'm here to request something, but I don't know if this is the right community to ask this kind of stuff, but...

PLEASE, does anyone have the BL movie "WATER", with Takki? 

I've been looking for this movie for a long time... and never found anything but the trailer.
I beg! If anyone has it, please share it with us!

Thanks! ^-^~~  

zuzu_tricia [userpic]
Subbed Videos!
by zuzu_tricia (zuzu_tricia)
at September 21st, 2007 (11:56 pm)
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I promised subbed videos, and here they are! =)) 

Dream Live 3rd - Aitsu Koso ga Tennis no Oujisama
This is the Dream Live 3rd version. This isn't uploaded in youtube as a clip. Its sad because it's the nicest version. Kaji also broke down and Konii isn't far from it. Araki's voice is shaky and everyone is sad. Yanagi sounded much better in this than in the Hyotei match and he finally sung SOME semblance of a full song. I guess he still gets tired after a while. Poor thing. =(

Dream Live 3rd  - CRYSTAL
Seigaku 2nd Cast's graduating song. This is one song where everyone cried and the atmosphere is so sad you will want to cry too. I know because I cried.

Dream Live 4th - Yume wo Tsunage
Probably one of the most nostalgic songs you'll hear in the whole Dream Liive. This was sung by certain members of Seigaku, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki, Fudomine and Hyotei. Wada and KenKen looked as though they were about to cry.

Hyotei Match - Koori no Emperor
I didn't sub this. I found it somewhere and simply uploaded it.

zuzu_tricia [userpic]
Tenimyu's Golden Pair - Which Cast did Best?
by zuzu_tricia (zuzu_tricia)
at September 21st, 2007 (06:34 pm)

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I had made a MV following the 3 generations of Tenimyu's Golden Pair because they are such love. This Mv took me longer than I had expected because of exams and stuff. Now that my exams are over, I plan to do plenty of subbings for Tenimyu songs. Keep a lookout for them. =)

The background music is entitled Slow Jam by Nagayama. (by

eiko_c )

The MV is subbed in English and romanji lyrics are provided in the video description. This MV is available for download in my LJ.

Watch the video here and remember to comment! I'd like to know how I did and -after putting so much effort into it- is it worth creating another one? If you guys liked this video, I may decide to do a Shirota/Aiba one. =))

X-posted to various comms.




mood theme! ^_^
by I AM IN MAO'S PHOTOBOOK, NO JOKE ♥♥♥ (hibimaosuki)
at August 30th, 2007 (04:37 pm)

Hey y'all, I have a little contribution! ^^;

I've made a custom Takki x Seto moodtheme. Plus, Paid, and Permanent users can set their journals to use this mood theme. For Basic accounts, well, there's a way around that. ^^;

If you're going to use it, I would love it so much if you comment here and credit me. I spent quite a bit of time and dealt with a migraine while making this, and I'm really proud of the work I put into it. ^_^

[x-posted to tenipuri_myu]

larva_zax [userpic]
BAS #007 and BAS #008 promo Doujin
by larva_zax (larva_zax)
at July 23rd, 2007 (07:43 pm)

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I want to hear BAS 007 ;__; , is there anyone that already share it somewhere aside of BAS 008 at </a></font></b></a>animemusicstore 

some dojin to released tension, sorry it's just sketch... 

Title: Promoting BAS 007 - BAS 008
Artist: larva
warning: worksafe ;p

is it true that after this 2nd service, this cast going to be graduated? please someone tell me that it's not true...;__;
I still wanna see this GP on Higa Match TT_TT

Jun Kikumaru [userpic]
Takki blog, avatars and colorbars
by Jun Kikumaru (kikumaru_gp)
at June 14th, 2007 (01:34 am)
current mood: fangirl
current song: Fukkatsu! Golden Pair - Takki&Setomaru

I have made some colorbars and avatars of:
Setomaru, Takki , Nagayan and KenKen (more of Takki and Seto UXD)


Enjoy it!

Jun Kikumaru [userpic]
TakkixSetomaru fan video
by Jun Kikumaru (kikumaru_gp)
at April 15th, 2007 (06:21 pm)
current song: Run - Snow Patrol

I create a video of Takki and Setomaru, sorry for the quality but the movie maker hates me T_TUu


I wish that you like >.<!!!

by I AM IN MAO'S PHOTOBOOK, NO JOKE ♥♥♥ (hibimaosuki)
at March 16th, 2007 (09:26 pm)

Takki: 2007-3-16, 12:16:59

Finally... Finally...
Yesterday I got my heart’s desire to talk with Tuti-san~ (>ω<)

Here’s what happened: Yesterday some members of the [Bleach] cast came and hung out at our practice hall, and when Tuti-san was leaving he said, "I’m off to eat dinner at that place." (My translator program was giving me something like "that old place", so I presume Tuti was referring to some nearby diner that they probably used to frequent when they were in TeniMyu.)

"I should go with him~" I thought, and with Setomaru, Gaku-san, and Airu the four of us went off.
Eh~ ☆彡 Tuti-san sure is great~
He’s interesting to talk with.

But other [Bleach] members said, "Aiming for Tuti will end in failure"... (i.e. If Takki tries to be on the same level as Tuti's Oishi was, he's going to fail miserably. SO SO SO MEAN. >___________<;)

Eh, but that’s not true, ne, Tuti-san?
Ah~ Please say it’s not~

Related to that, Setomaru was feeling a bit sad because Nagayama-san wasn’t there.


faksjdfhklajshklfjhaskhHOLYSHI --




by I AM IN MAO'S PHOTOBOOK, NO JOKE ♥♥♥ (hibimaosuki)
at March 14th, 2007 (10:03 am)


I'm not proficient, so I can only give you the gist of it.

Takki had some free time and went to a BleachMyu dress rehearsal. He wanted to observe and meet with Tuti. Regrettably, though, Tuti wasn't there yet when he arrived.

He wants to go visit Tuti again the next time he has time-off because he has some questions about the Golden Pair.

Also, he'd asked Zukki before, but Zukki's answer was...

(I'm not sure about this) That it's a secret that's only for Oishi's actors.

I think what Zukki meant was that since Takki is playing Oishi, he'd eventually find the answer for himself.

Anyway. Consultation about the GOLDEN PAIR. Heh. ♥

EDIT: The last sentence isn't about what Zukki answered. Rather... (nabbed from the wonderful fencer_x "Well, I'll have to keep that a secret between us Oishi actors.")

So I pretty much got it right but interpreted it wrong.

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